Guitar Horizons: C Phrygian Exercises & Etudes

Hey folks! Chris Whitney coming at you from Whitney & Ventola Music Studios where we offer piano and guitar lessons in Columbus, Ohio. I’ve just finished the first instructional video in my series called Guitar Horizons, Modal Explorations for Intermediate and Advanced Players. Episode III – C Phrygian. If you want to know what happened to episodes I and II, you’ll just have to wait for the prequels.

In these videos we explore the tonality of various modes while providing challenging reading exercises that cover positions 1 through 12 on the fretboard. Also we try to expand our pattern recognition of modes from 2 octaves in one position to 3+ octaves over multiple positions. As the title suggests, these are not for beginners. This course is for those who already have a working knowledge of the modern modes and can read standard notation on at least an intermediate level.

The best part is that each chapter or episode offers two original etudes. The charts are available for download here:

You will go through a check out process where you will get to pay what you want.  If you enter 0 you have to pay nothing and will get an email with a download link.  If you would like to pay for my work you can enter the amount and pay through Paypal or check by mail.

I hope you find this work useful and enjoyable. Happy Practicing!

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