Mark Vance

Mild mannered wizard of the drums Mark Vance brings style and substance to any tune. Jazz? Pop? Thrash Metal? Drum Line? You name it, Mark’s made it his home at some point. As the heartbeat of the trio, he’ll keep your blood pumping, your toes tapping, and your booty shaking.           […]

Debbie English

Fresh faced newcomer Debbie English is establishing herself as a great new talent on the scene. As the daughter of professional musicians, Debbie has music in her blood. At 21 years old, she has the work ethic and natural talent required of any great player. She plays bass like a monster and sings like a […]

Christopher Whitney

That’s me, Christopher Whitney, the fearless leader of this trio. Carrying a wealth of experience, you might say I’ve been around the block a few times. There’s nothing I love more than croonong old rock and country tunes. But make no mistake, I’m here to melt your face with my shiney Les Paul guitar.   […]