The Rockin’ Trio

The Rockin' Trio

Sporting the traditional power trio instrumentation of drums, bass and guitar, Christopher Whitney’s Rockin’ Trio is just your typical run of the mill garagepsyche-doomfunk-postpunk-glamabilly-jamband. Like the mighty Minotaur, this Columbus, Ohio-based trio haunts a maze of nostalgia, punctuated with B-movie images of rubber monsters, hot rods and repressed teenage sexuality exploding into violence. They’ll serve you up a slice of big, dumb classic rock sensibilities baked in the oven of 70’s FM radio and drizzled with hints of Link Wray, Wanda Jackson, The Meters, Ultimate Spinach, the Cramps, Electric Wizard and just about any other ultra-hip influence you can imagine.

Their landmark EP, A Night at the Drive-In Vol.1 was released in early 2014 and continues to warp every brain within earshot. They are following that up with an all-analog vinyl project at Musicol Recording Studios this winter and will be rampaging across the midwest soon, vampirising audiences and leaving behind a fandom of empty, zombie-like husks of their former selves.  

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Contact: Christopher Whitney,, 614-268-6591

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